Let's see what we can destroy this weekend..

Well, not much here yet.

Current project
  1. finishing a new computer desk (killer - this thing took over a quart of polyurethane for the first coat. over 4 hours to do it!)

PARTIAL past project list...
  1. paint the roof again.. (white elastomeric coating - it must work, it reflects so much light you can't look at a freshly painted roof!)
  2. pressure wash and paint the outside stucco
  3. redo downstairs bathroom
  4. remove carpets and refinish oak floors
  5. replace stairs and rails with SAME HEIGHT oak steps and rails
  6. turn old dining room into a laundry/utility room
  7. florida room is now dining room
  8. add more closets
  9. new windows upstairs

i need to get some sleep and get a life :)