Rollbar Pictures

Here are some pictures of my rollbar. I purchased a rollbar last year, but it only qualifies as 2 point per NCCC rules.   So instead of hacking it up i decided to build a new one with two removable forward braces. Pictures of the original bar (which is currently for sale...) can be found here.   These pictures also show my need for new paint, the fact that I have been sitting on new seats for almost a year and have not installed them yet, and only one point of the five point harness is installed so far.   With the front bars installed it is definitely easier to get in and out with the top down!   The original bar was designed to fit with either the convertible or hard top in place.   I have mounted the fire extinguisher to the bar.   About the only complaint so far is the way the headliner flaps get caught behind the bar.   I did drive to work for a week with the front bars in - it was fun until it started raining and didn't want to spend the extra few seconds in the rain with my face up!