Slide Scanning to CD-Rom

Targeted at slide archival, we can take all of your slides and convert them to your favorite file format on CD-ROM. Multiple copies are available at discount rates, providing an easy way for you to have a backup copy of your irreplaceable memories. Negative scanning is also available, providing an easy way to archive photos, too!

Also an easy way to get images on your web page, smaller images and quantities can be sent via e-mail or floppy. Great for getting your slides or negatives into graphics applications like greeting card programs and paint programs. Slides and negatives scan much better than photos, giving crisper, cleaner colors and more precise images.

Since this process is labor-intensive, rates are based on the size of the scanned image, which is determined by the resolution. Quantity discounts are available. Click Here for a more in-depth guide on scanning resolutions. File formats currently available are jpeg, tiff, windows bitmap (.bmp), and FlashPix (.fpx). Specify compression (low, med.,high) for compressed formats.

Current Price List

Useful for:Resolution SizePrice Ea.
Small web page graphics150 dpi 90k$.29
web pages300 dpi350k $.39
general imagery600dpi 1200k$.49
high-res imagery1200dpi 5400k$.59
filling up that new 8GB hard drive2400dpi 21500k$.69

Add $7 per CD-R for materials and handling, plus cost of return shipping for your slides via the method of your choice. Drop off service available in the St. Petersburg area.

Additional copies at time of creation are also $7. Cover inserts with thumbnail or single image available for $2 per CD. Slides must be clean - we will use air and a fine brush to remove dust, but slides will be scanned with any foreign material that will not come off by those means. If the frame has foreign matter on it that cannot be easily removed (without any risk of damaging the slide), the slide will not be scanned.

Mail for more information or to place your order today! Include your phone number if you would like a return call.